Is the Disney movie Pocahontas a good, kid-friendly, history-related movie?

Some people say that Pocahontas is not a good movie to show your kids if you want something based on history.  It has its ups and downs, but I think that it is a good movie to show your kids because it is mainly based off of history, minus the fact of the historically incorrect relationship between the two main characters - Pocahontas and John Smith.  It is a totally kid-friendly history-based animated movie.  My reasons for that are the facts that it shows the Powhatan's nature based religion (Reason #1), the main reasons why ALL europeans started to come to the americas (Reason #2), and Pocahontas' role in the two cultures (Reason #3).
My three reasons why you should show your kids this movie:

Reason #1 - Nature based religion

Reason #2 - Gold, God, and Glory

Reason #3 - Pocahontas' Role as peacekeeper
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